Lion in Addo Park

Safari. The word conjures up a swirl of colorful, magical images that set the mind to dreaming of a far off continent storied with adventurous tales. One might think those days of heroes and adventures has long faded into history under the footprint of progress. But that is not the case. Not too far from the bustle of southern Africa's larger cities like Johannesburg await the wilds we only imagined in our youth.

Any successful trip requires some preparation and proper outfitting. With this web site we want to share what works for us while including some of our photos and video footage of Africa.

Before every trip, we always research the region we plan to travel to. We search the web, purchase books and talk to people who have been to the area. A travel agent knowledgeable on Africa can suggest sights of interest at or near your destination, but there is no substitute for your own thorough research. It can prevent the disappointment of returning home and discovering that you were half way around the world and missed a short side trip to a spectacular place. If you don't know it's there, how will you know to go see it?

We offer this site as an information tool only and recommend seeking professional advise when planning travel.

Brewer's Africa continues to grow. We are constantly adding links to up-to-date and relevant information geared toward African hunting and travel. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  Contact us at:
sue (at) brewersafrica.com

Any successful trip requires some preparation and proper outfitting. With this web site we want to share what works for us while including some of our photos and video footage of Africa.

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Interested in booking a hunting trip or a photo safari and don't know where to start? 

While we aren't currently booking hunts, we'll gladly point you in the right direction whether you are interested in plains game hunting, dangerous game hunting, a photo safari, or general sightseeing.

Contact us and we can connect you with a US booking agent, a travel agent knowledgable in Africa travel, or directly with safari operators in Africa that we personally have used and can recommend.

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For more information on this upcoming tour or for information on hunting safaris please contact Schoonbee Safaris. A link to their website is provided below.

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land of Contrasts

Africa is a continent of contrasts. You can follow the historic and beautiful Garden Route along the southern tip of the continent or opt for the vibrant activities of a thriving metropolis. You may desire to trek into the bushveld (with an experienced guide, of course) or luxuriate poolside in one of South Africa's lavish resorts. Whatever your taste, Africa satisfies.

trip of a lifetime

We love Africa - the land, the people, and the wildlife. We always find ourselves planning the next trip to Africa while still on our return flight to the US - as the memories, the sights and the sounds still resonate in our heads.

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Click here for a resource guide listing forums, airlines, currency converter, etc. You can also download free pdf planning and packing checklists from the guide.


News: Kenya May Lose All of its Lions in 20 Years. ↑click here

Note: Kenya banned sport hunting in 1977. Sportsman are not taking the rap for this. 

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