2012 Zimbabwe

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Over the Atlantic

South African Airways over the Atlantic. We flew from Dulles to Jo'burg, overnighted in Jo'burg and then flew into Bulawayo. From there it was a seven hour drive to the base camp.

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Rural Zimbabwe

The farming area we hunted in was particularly ravaged by marauding elephants that would come in frequently and destroy crops and threaten life. An entire season's harvest could easily be destroyed in one night.

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Laundry Day

Above shows a simple and economical way to dry clothes.

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Elephant destruction in a national park

This scene is typical in the national park we drove through. The over-population of ellies has resulted in them destroying the habitat for themselves and for the other animals dependent on trees to live in and vegetation to eat.

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Jim takes a marauding teenager that's been terrorizing locals

This young bull, a teenager, was part of a group that was threatening villagers. He had already learned from the herd the destructive pattern of pillaging and plundering from the villagers and farmers.

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Villagers walk in from surrounding areas and line up for a share of the meat

Once the bull went down, the hills erupted in cheers of relief and the rumble of drums signaled everyone to come and receive a share of the meat that would be distributed by the tribal council. Men lined up together, women and children together, and the process was monitored by members of the tribal council to ensure everyone got a fair share.

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Taking the meat home for their families

The once huge beast was reduced to a pile of stomach contents that the vultures worked over before the day was out. Nothing went to waste as the animal was used by the local people.

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Proud and thankful for the food

This woman came to us and thanked us for the protein to feed her family.

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