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Johannesburg, SA

The Afton House

We stay with Annelise EVERY time we go to Africa. She is an expert in the business and The Afton House is unmatched in quality and attention to guest services. 

They offer meet and greet firearms services and ground transportation to and from the airport and local restaurants.

The Afton House often serves as a hub for travelers arriving and departing South Africa. We've met many wonderful people there. In 2007 we met a Maryland couple on their way to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and a retired US sub commander going on a hunting safari. 

Kokskraal Handcrafts

Liza is fantastic. She is a wonderful woman whose idea has become a global success! She began a project on her farm to provide the wives of farm laborers an opportunity to work. 

Her idea started at her kitchen table and took her all the way to New York where Sir Richard Branson presented her with the award for being named the Global Micro-Entrepreneur of 2005 by Citigroup and the United Nations.

Her business continues to grow and prosper.

Pierson Wildlife Museum

We LOVE this museum. We love it so much, in fact, that we have an engraved name plate on the wall of donors who support this organization. 

It is very well done and a wonderful educational resource located in Neligh, NE. This photo we took shows only a small, small section of the two story collection.

B & B Trophy Hunts

Jim hunted buffalo with this outfit. They're great! 

Executive Gun Runners
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Plan a trip

Interested in booking a hunting trip or a photo safari and don't know where to start? 

While we aren't currently booking hunts, we'll gladly point you in the right direction whether you are interested in plains game hunting, dangerous game hunting, a photo safari, or general sightseeing.

Contact us and we can connect you with a US booking agent, a travel agent knowledgable in Africa travel, or directly with safari operators in Africa that we personally have used and can recommend.

land of Contrasts

Africa is a continent of contrasts. You can follow the historic and beautiful Garden Route along the southern tip of the continent or opt for the vibrant activities of a thriving metropolis. You may desire to trek into the bushveld (with an experienced guide, of course) or luxuriate poolside in one of South Africa's lavish resorts. Whatever your taste, Africa satisfies.

trip of a lifetime

We love Africa - the land, the people, and the wildlife. We always find ourselves planning the next trip to Africa while still on our return flight to the US - as the memories, the sights and the sounds still resonate in our heads.

Resource guide

Click here for a resource guide listing forums, airlines, currency converter, etc. You can also download free pdf planning and packing checklists from the guide.


News: Kenya May Lose All of its Lions in 20 Years. ↑click here

Note: Kenya banned sport hunting in 1977. Sportsman are not taking the rap for this. Something else for sure. 

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